Let’s grow this game!

OFFtheTEE winners

We’re on a mission to help OFFtheTEEjr grow the game of golf with their new board game for kids.

And you can help, too! Here’s a link to their GoFundMe crowdfunding page. The idea is to get kids interested in the game of golf through the board game, and then get them out to the driving range and ultimately, out to the course. A great side benefit is, it also gets them away from the computer screen for an hour or so during the day, and interacting with their parents.

Check out the two youngsters in the photo above. Tell me they’re not excited to have their very own edition of OFFtheTEEjr!

Of course, getting your picture taken with GolfTalkLive’s Tony Leodora is also a treat, but we have a feeling the smiles are because of their new game.

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