Coolest new product at the Philly Golf Show


Someone told me about a 3-D printer at the North Coast Golf Show where I’m manning a booth with our good friends at TL Golf Services and I had to go check it out.

Without a doubt, this has to be the coolest new product at the show. RivalandRevel (I have to ask them about that name!) makes divot repair tools and other golf necessities, but they’re also inventing their own new items.

The Silo, which you can see in the picture, holds up to six golf clubs, three tees, a ball marker, and has a place for you to stash some cash for a beverage and a hot dog at the turn.

Today’s the last day of the show, so come by and say hi!

We have some great giveaways today, including a handmade, made in the USA Golf ClubSox, a first edition OffTheTee Jr. golf game for some lucky youngster and a lot more!

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