The pocketWISP is right for your bag


We do our best to get around to different courses, mostly for the variety, and as a result we run into a variety of conditions. Let’s face it, when you’re playing a municipal course, some folks just don’t follow golf etiquette, often leaving sand from the green-side bunker spread all over the putting surface, or any other debris that may have found its way between you and your first birdie of the day!

Enter the pocketWISP! We tried the pocketWISP out on a recent windy morning, and while this time of year there isn’t much in the way of leaves sticking to the green, there was plenty of sand from the bunkers and a lot of petals from some kind of white flower flying all over the place.

A couple of quick swipes, bunker sand gone, and we were draining 15 footers from all over the place! OK, we were at least getting them a lot closer than we normally do, and a couple of them actually fell in the hole.

After a few holes we realized an added benefit of the pocketWISP. How many times have you taken your golf towel and thrown it over the golf cart window, only to have it blow off 19 times in a single round? We clipped the pocketWISP to our favorite Snoopy MetLife towel and it stayed put for the rest of the round!

We definitely recommend the pocketWISP. Order one today at the pocketWISP


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