Welcome WAGT to the family!

Happy Weekend All!
We’re so excited to announce a new member of the family that we just couldn’t wait for Monday!
Please say hello to the World Amateur Golfers Tour! If you haven’t heard of the tour check them out today! You could be on your way to historic Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort for their National Championship. Win there and you’re on your way, all expenses paid, to Belek Antalya Turkey to compete in the World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC).
Another bit of great news, the WAGC just partnered up with the PGA Tour!
Check out their website at the link above for all the details.
We just created their Twitter account (WAGT_USA) and will be promoting all of their qualifying tournaments around the country in the weeks and months to come.
So start following them today, and spread the word to all your friends!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
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