Practice, that’s right, we’re talking ’bout practice!

Aerated green


It’s winter here in the great white north, and nothing will dull your game faster than sitting around on your duff waiting for spring to arrive, so we’re going to periodically offer up some tips on keeping your game sharp while the winter months slowly roll by.

Here’s a little expert advice from one of the best putters in the land Steve Stricker, brought to you by, Golf Digest.

You can work on your putting stroke almost anywhere, so don’t use bad weather as an excuse to be rusty on the greens come spring. My advice is to focus on your path. If you putt straight back and straight through like I do, put a board down next to your putterhead and swing along that line. If you putt on more of an arc, use a slightly curved object, or place a string on the ground to represent your curved path and trace it.

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