Which club is right for you?



Golf is a life-long pursuit.

Well, playing golf well is a life-long pursuit anyway.

So, with that in mind we are beginning our search to find the right set of clubs. All swings are different, all body types are different, and golf club manufacturers provide a wide array of options.

A recent visit to a local Golf Galaxy proved just that.

One gentleman, about 6 ft, 3 in. tall came to the conclusion that a normal shaft with an extra inch added was need for his swing from way up high, and a regular shaft was just fine.

Another gentleman, who may be, repeat, may be, losing a few yards, decided a graphite shaft might be the way to go, especially after hitting a 7 iron down the middle of the fairway on average 170 yards, which is about 20 yards longer than normal, at least normal for the past few years.

So, while neither of us, and I might just be the guy losing a few yards of distance, are scratch handicappers, we both came to the realization that playing with the right clubs is going to us an advantage we didn’t have before.

And, while neither of us are geniuses, we’re no dummies, either. One afternoon at a local golf store that does club fittings will make you much smarter about your game.

If you’re serious about your game, go get yourself fitted for clubs. In the meantime, here’s a link to How to find the right club for dummies!

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