The inspiration behind Golf ClubSox



We have been working with Golf ClubSox for three months, now.

The founder of the company, Harriet Moss, had been designing sweaters and jackets for a while, and then the golf bug bit her, hard.

Here is an excerpt from her interview in MinorHouse

“Several years ago I got really into golf.  I could not help but notice that I was losing my club headcovers in my car, in the bag room at my club, on the golf course and who knows where else. It occurred to me that I could make covers that really fit, would be unique and fun.  It is with that thought that I started to design ClubSox. It did not happen like magic. I already had the design skills and understood the knitting techniques so the big challenge was to find the most durable yarn, configure the pattern so that the Sox fit the head of the club and shaft perfectly.

“I knitted many samples before we got the exact right fit for the driver, fairway woods and rescue clubs.  The ribbing for the shaft had to be very snug yet it had to expand just enough to get over the club head.  We tested many yarns as well.  With wear and tear we discovered that some yarns were much more durable than others and therefore more suitable for golf.  People are not as careful with their golf clubs as they are with their personal sweaters.  Once we had the formula worked out we concentrated on small pattern designs.  We like that way these patterns look . They are neat, colorful and customized.”

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