Football and golf, a match made in heaven

Tenn Golf ClubSox


We love college football.

Maybe not as much as golf, but it’s right up there.

There’s just something about this time of year when the season kicks off and the weather starts getting a little cooler. Play a little golf in the morning, watch a little football in the afternoon!

Everyone likes to show their team spirit, college or pro, and we have been having a blast with our new Tennessee Volunteers headcover from Golf Clubsox. It really stands out in the bag and to the point of its maker, it really stays where it is supposed to, on the club.

Take a moment to check out Golf ClubSox at the link above. They make an incredible product and they do it right here in the USA! They can custom make a headcover for your driver, three-wood or rescue club. The driver is shown in the pic above, and it’s just the right size to show off that amazing orange T!

Football and golf, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

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Golf ClubSox stand out in your bag

Tenn Golf ClubSox


We might be just a bit biased since they’re one of our favorite clients, but this custom made head cover is just about the coolest thing we’ve had in our bag for a long time! All we did was describe what we wanted and Golf ClubSox made it happen. The quality of this head cover simply cannot be overstated. Our new Tennessee Volunteers head cover couldn’t have turned out any better. And the stitching around the T looks like the checkerboard end zone! If you’re looking for custom made, look no further. Check out their website today and start thinking about what your bag is going to look like when you hit the links this spring.


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We have a winner!

GCS Winner

Our Golf ClubSox contest giveaway was a huge success, and we have a more than happy winner! We’re thinking that’s the way a contest should go. Here’s what our winner had to say!

“Thanks for the awesome Head Cover. It looks awesome on my driver and is super high quality! Look forward to using this when the weather warms up!”
– Tyler Johnson

And to put a little icing on the contest cake, here are some pretty impressive Facebook numbers for a contest that was only online for one week. Our Facebook page had 1,753 sets of eyeballs on it during the contest, along with 68 post clicks, 13 shares, 11 likes, 11 comments and the cherry on top…15 new likes for our page, which is a good number for page that had a little more than 500 when the contest started. All of that and we haven’t even added up all of our shares and favorites on Twitter.

Our next contest giveaway, which will start in February, will be a foursome to Lulu Country Club.


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