A (Golf Course) Star in the Making



How many golfers have finished a round at Jeffersonville Golf Course in West Norriton and realized the only place to go to relax, have a cold beverage and tally up the day’s winnings, or loses, is a small, nondescript, decidedly old, barely comfortable restaurant at the end of a former barn?

How many golfers remember when renovations came to Jeffersonville to the tune of several million dollars, restoring the excellent test of any golfer’s metal to the original Donald Ross design, only to see the clubhouse ignored?

Well, those days are history, and what we have now is a golf course star in the making.

West Norriton township officials are looking to sink about $2 million into one of the top golf courses in the entire state of Pennsylvania, and we couldn’t be more excited at the prospect, and excited for golfers the state over, which is where the course draws from.

We’ll follow the progress right here, which most likely won’t start until financing is in place, so we’re hopeful the late 2017 start of construction is a reality.

In the meantime, come out to the course and check out this terrific layout. Above is a photo of the starting hole, and impressive par four that demands an accurate tee shot if you want to get home in two. The course won’t disappoint, and before long, you’ll have a brand spanking new clubhouse to relax in after your round!

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