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Have you ever looked down into your bag to grab your trusty wedge for an upcoming, extremely difficult shot and had the pit of your stomach drop down through your shoes because it wasn’t there?

Of course you have.

We all have. Well, most of us have, anyway.

Chances are good though that you probably just left your trusty wedge on the last hole, because, well, most of us are amateurs and we use our trusty wedges a lot; maybe not on every hole, but a lot.

Now imagine that wedge is part of a brand new set of clubs you just dropped a cool grand on.

That dropping of the pit in your stomach quickly goes to all out panic.

It doesn’t have to be that way if you have Caditag in your bag.

.     .     .

We recently wrapped a Caditag ID sticker around our trusty wedge and proceeded to lose it at Jeffersonville Golf Club in West Norriton, PA, where a kind soul turned it in to the pro shop.

Jeffersonville is a Caditag Trusted Partner, so here’s what happened next.

Mike Housely, the pro at Jeffersonville, saw the Caditag sticker on the club and promptly went to their website and punched in the numbers.

Within minutes we received a text telling us our trusty wedge was safe and sound at Jeffersonville Golf Club and we could pick it up anytime.

Crisis averted, and all for less than the price of a round of golf, and a heck of a lot less than the price of the club.

The only hiccup we ran into when registering our clubs was that the website asked for a serial number, which we later found out was the ID number. We’re happy to report that you won’t run into the same thing because once we told them about the confusion Caditag promptly made a change to the site to match the sign up form with the ID number.

We asked at the pro shop at Jeffersonville about the number of clubs turned in each week. Shane Frangiosa, the assistant pro at Jeffersonville, quickly pointed to four clubs leaning against a counter and said those were all turned in that week.  He said some weeks they get more, but on average about three or four clubs are turned in each and every week, and that the cart barn is full of clubs that have been turned in because no one came back to claim them. That doesn’t have to be the case if you have Caditag on your clubs.

Back in the day, golfers would tape a label with their name, address and telephone number onto their clubs, giving away entirely too much personal information. Caditag eliminates the need by providing an ID to your set of clubs.  Do yourself a favor and check out Caditag today!

The labels are small and are easy to apply. Simply peel and stick onto your club just below the grip, or anywhere along the shaft. Having Caditags on your clubs will eliminate the need of having a caddy on your bag every round to fetch your clubs for you. And, again, a whole heck of a lot less expensive!

For golf courses, becoming a Trusted Partner is just as easy, and there isn’t any expense. Sign your course up today and give your members a little peace of mind!

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