Welcome Kakadu Australia!




We’re very proud to announce our new partnership with Kakadu Australia!

Their Kangaroo leather golf and multi-sport gloves are renowned for their lightweight strength, the KAKADU Australia 100% Kangaroo Leather Gloves offer that competitive grip advantage we all look for.

The unique cross grain construction of kangaroo leather allows it to be manufactured thinner than conventional glove leather,which makes a gloves that will not tear and has exceptional grip and feel.

Customer testify that they get at least four times more wear from the KAKADU kangaroo glove with 3X more grip in dry conditions, and 5X more grip in wet conditions.

When only the best will do, purchase in sizes from XXS to XXL,black or white. Gloves can be personalized with company or social club logo’s on the clasp,to give a unique gift for your clients or members.

We’ll have the Kakadu gloves at the upcoming North Coast Golf Show in February. Make sure you come but the Golf Talk Live booth and try them out!

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