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We’re about as happy as we can be, like hitting an island green from 180 yards out, to welcome GOLFSmart to the family. You can improve your focus, your endurance, and most importantly, your score with GOLFSmart!

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The GOLFSmart Team Story:

Brian, Eric and Harry founded Complex Sports Labs with the vision of creating a revolutionary product designed specifically to enhance the performance of both professional and amateur golfers.

Brian has a background as a veteran PGA professional with over 15 years of experience playing the game, managing some of the top golf facilities in the US and launching one of the games most successful technology products.

Eric’s successful background in corporate management and in personally launching and owning service, technology and product based companies is key to the introduction and success of GOLFSmart.

Harry brings over twenty years of experience in both formulating and marketing many of the Nutrition Industries most successful products. His background a as a Certified Nutritionist and CEO help to round out and deliver GOLFSmart’s founding team.

GOLFSmart is the first and ONLY scientifically based Dietary Supplement engineered expressly for the game of golf. Rigorous testing with the lab technicians and a multitude of clinically proven ingredients led to the development of the PERFECT formulation and achieved without sacrificing GREAT TASTE!

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